Fitness Training and Nutrition Services

Personal Training

 Do you need a fresh start to your workout routine? Maybe a new abs workout? Have you hit a plateau? Do you have questions such as "how much exercise should I do?" Many people can benefit from Personal Training. You will receive a fitness program, which is tailored to meet your fitness goals, while taking into consideration, your past workout experience, current fitness level, age, fitness goals, available equipment and medical history. You will be able to work-out anywhere (at home, in a gym, or on the road), with or without the use of exercise equipment. You will receive one-on-one guidance from a Personal Trainer / Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, as well as access to our exercise library and continual email support to give  you the results you desire! 

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Private nutrition services are offered via telephone and Internet where you can be at the comfort of your own desk or in your own home. During the initial consultation, we will help to determine the key areas that need to be focused on to improve your nutrition. Then, we will create a nutrition plan with customized meal options that will meet your needs. Throughout this process, we take into account your personal food preferences, favorite restaurants, travel schedule,  family life and busy time constraints. You will leave feeling confident your nutrition plan is tailored just for you, to help you reach your goals. 

Online Coaching

No matter where you live, you can have your very own online Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist! We will stay connected through Facetime, Skype, phone calls and emails. Our Online Coaching program includes an Initial Nutrition Assessment, Fitness Consultation and a Personalized Nutrition Meal Plan.  

Menu / Price List- Fitness Training and Nutrition

Notes: We do not accept insurance. Individual sessions will be conducted via telephone, FaceTime, Skype or in- person (if you live locally within the Tampa, FL area). You are responsible for using all appointments purchased. Sessions expire 1 year from initial purchase date. ​ If you are local, within the Tampa Bay area, your follow up session can be conducted with a grocery store tour, in which we will walk through the store together, cover nutrition label reading and finding healthful foods which fit your lifestyle, budget and taste preference.